Layout’s primary activity is the deployment of Engineering Services in the areas of Project Development & Management, On-Site Job Management and Live Monitoring of Special Installations. 

The company has been asserting its presence in various recent more emblematic construction projects - especially in the areas of health, education, culture, sports, hospitality business as well as landmark real estate and commercial areas.

Prepared to answer to the demands and expectations of its clients, the Company has as principal objective to meet the responsibilities taken, guaranteeing suitability and safeguarding of cost control, deadlines and the success of the enterprise.

Although the company relies on its own facilities and specific tools for the development of its operations, it is upon human potential and internal skills that Layout builds the foundations of its organisational entity.

The articulation of values in different fields of expertise allows us to find a complementary approach of integrated solutions, which is materialised in efficiency and financial gains resulting from optimisations at the level of design, installation, maintenance and exploration.

The Quality Management System has been in place since December 2010, and certifies all activities, products and services provided by the company within the scope of Engineering Services which are oriented towards the Building Facilities Project, and are compliant with the requirements set forth in standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008.