Construction Supervision and Management

Layout provides supervision and project/construction management services, assuming, through an integrated approach and in close collaboration with the direction team, responsibilities in the task planning, control and verification, targeting an optimal management, which may ensure the compliance with all legal, documentation, and project operational requirements, and also the continuous improvement activity and all employees performance.

The main goal is the construction in total compliance with the needs and expectations of the construction direction and/or building owner at the levels of quality, safety, cost and execution schedules.

It relies on a multidisciplinary and qualified team with vast experience interpreting project elements, specifications and work plans, crucial for planning, supervision and commissioning the several stages of construction, at the level of construction techniques and processes, in the organization of the construction yard, in the measurement of the works described in the project and executed in the work site, in the working hours optimisation and cost estimation.

This operation field provides to the client the possibility of a continuous service, namely in the start-up, conduction, maintenance and supervision of facilities, pursuing the optimization of exploration costs at all times.