The department of Energy provides consulting services supported by powerful engineering tools for the prediction and assessment of energetic behaviour, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in buildings.

The energetic behaviour of buildings is a cross-cutting issue to the main areas of expertise involved in a project. This transversality triggers the need for an integrated interaction and assessment of the basic parameters in the designing of installations, for an efficient and sustainable operation, which may ensure to the building users comfort and health conditions consistent with the best practices and regulatory requirements, namely the local energy codes.

Layout's services intend to enhance the architect and design team’s creativity, presenting decision-making criteria based on cost / benefit ratios, assessed with calculation tools such as Building Energy Simulation or CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Acting in partnership with accredited professional staff, it provides its clients the energy certification services for the awarding of the Energy Code Compliance. The energy studies can also support the implementation of environmental certification programs for sustainability such as LEED or BREEAM as well as the feasibility of renewable energy systems as the thermal or photovoltaic panels.