Modular Hospital


Electrical Facilities and Equipments
Building Management System
Mechanical Facilities and Equipments
Medical Gases, Compressed Air and Vacuum Installations
Disinfection and Sterilization
Safety and Security

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  • Capa

  • Year
  • 2013 / Execution project

Hospital+ is the result of a work done by a group of experts in the fields of healthcare and hospital engineering, looking for solutions in order to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of facilities in health infrastructures accordingly with the rules and laws applied to such buildings.

The buildings are constructed based on the experience with manufacture, shipment and assembly of prefabricated modular units, using specific materials and removable panels enabling relocation and reuse whenever necessary.

The experience gained in numerous projects in healthcare, including hospitals built from scratch which are already in operation, allow us to offer a balanced product with the concern of using materials compatible with the hospital needs.

Hospital+ allows the installation of any type of equipment according to our client needs and certification requirement to be studied for each particular case.

Our methodology allows adaptation to real needs, as tailored solutions that enable growth and adaptation by junction of type modules, in order to respond to several hospital types, meeting the needs identified in each region and nature of directed shortages. The current modules at disposal are: Operating Room / Recovery Room / Sterilization; Internment (Only Infermaries); Logistics / Cafeteria; Imaging / Minor Surgery / Advanced Life Support; ICU / Internment / Laboratory / Pharmacy; Kitchen / Refectory; Outpatient; Emergency; Technical Area / Mortuary.

Operating room
Outpatience services
Patient care
Imaging/ Minor Surgery
ICU / Laboratory / Pharmacy
Kitchen / Dinning Hall

Hospital+ uses latest generation finishing materials, allowing our customer to have freedom of choice, assuring thermal and acoustic comfort, compatible with legal requirements.

The equipment levels will depend of our customer choices, while we assure the support needed to arrange the right solutions in terms of designing the facility. Our structures can be fully equipped why all types of healthcare equipments depending on the services our customer needs, as well as assure the certification of the building.