An efficient use of energy is a key factor for the sustainability of societies. In addition to the growing awakening towards a more responsible environmental awareness, promoted by the incentive to the rational use of energy and by application of more efficient technologies, the adoption of monitoring mechanisms and energy control reveals itself as a crucial factor to development, with major impact upon the cost structure of organizations and, consequently, their competitiveness.

With the accumulated know-how and experience, Layout provides support to its clients through a continuous monitoring service of the building system’s operation, thus promoting a dynamic management of energy consumption, based on an exhaustive analysis of data selectively collected in the Energy Management System.

With the goal of reducing energy consumption, through this low cost service we intend to parameterise the patterns of building use, identify opportunities to rationalise energy and propose actions that match the facilities operation with the building needs.

The goals also aim at an overall and integrated understanding of the building systems and equipments, enabling their operation reliably and efficiently, thus meeting the client needs and expectations.